229 Days

229 Days

229 Days is the story of Mark, Charlotte, and their teenage children, David and Sarah.  The play starts on an inconceivably difficult day in their lives- the day they learn that David’s cancer is terminal.  As the story moves forward, we see how this devastating situation affects their relationships and their faith.  Eventually, they hire Anne, a hospice nurse, who moves in with them to care for David during his final weeks.

229 Days is not a full representation of cancer and what families go through in such a situation.  In fact, it may be described as a mere glimpse.  But you will get to know David and his family.  You’ll see them hope.  You’ll see them struggle.  You’ll see them find peace.

Given the sensitive subject matter, this play may not be suitable for younger audience members.

Admission is free and all are welcome!


Katelyn Hoyles (Stage Manager)
Katelyn Hoyles
(Stage Manager)
Tyler Hoyles Technical Director
Tyler Hoyles
(Technical Director)
Sierra Noseworthy (ANNE, Director)
Sierra Noseworthy
(ANNE, Director)
Jonathan Payne (DAVID)
Jonathan Payne
Justin Peddle (MARK, Playwright)
Justin Peddle
(MARK, Playwright)
Lindsey Peddle (CHARLOTTE)
Lindsey Peddle
Carrie Wheeler (SARAH)
Carrie Wheeler